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    Kim M. Caywood-Pierce

    Kim M. Caywood-Pierce is a Senior Trade Advisor for the Deringer Logistics Consulting Group.
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    Revisions are Coming: CTPAT (MSC) UPDATES

    Posted by Kim M. Caywood-Pierce on Dec 19, 2018 9:35:00 AM
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    Topics: Customs Consulting, International Trade Compliance & Enforcement

    CTPAT Conference 2017: Building on the Past - Innovating for the Future

    Posted by Kim M. Caywood-Pierce on Oct 11, 2017 9:26:00 AM


    Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) is a voluntary public-private partnership program that was implemented as a cargo safety and enforcement strategy following the September 11th terror attacks. More than 11,400 certified companies in the trade community currently participate in the program, and that number continues to grow.

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) held the 2017 CTPAT conference in the Detroit Metropolitan Area at the end of August. The current Director of CTPAT, Elizabeth Schmelzinger, was among the speakers during the general session. In addition to rolling out the updated name and logo, CTPAT – Your Supply Chain’s Strongest Link, Ms. Schmelzinger was excited to offer insight into program changes and ways that the security profile is being modernized as we look to the future.

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    Topics: International Trade Compliance & Enforcement

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