The Deringer Difference

    What is the Difference Between Cargo and Freight?

    Posted by Chris Brennan on Jun 8, 2020 12:43:02 PM

    The words cargo and freight are similar, but even though they share a few things in common, the meanings are quite different. 

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    Topics: Air Freight, Customs Broker

    Beyond the Dollar: How to Compare Customs Brokers

    Posted by Tammy Flanders Hetrick on Dec 17, 2019 3:12:59 PM

    Importers might aptly view a Customs broker as a trusted partner for Customs entry filing, but a broker’s job is also to help safeguard importers against delays, fines, and penalties due to errors or regulatory violations.

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    Topics: trade compliance, import compliance, Customs Broker, Brokerage

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