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Planning an SOP for Freight Forwarding in 2024

Benefits of Working With an NCBFAA Customs Broker

Understanding EPA Chemical Regulations (TSCA)

Food and Food Contact Surfaces - What Does the FDA Regulate?

What You Need to Know About the Lacey Act

Duty Drawback Types and Process

Are My Goods Subject to a PGA?

Navigating Shipping Challenges When Importing From Spain

Why Freight Management is so Important to Business Today

Harmonized Tariff Schedule: Updates Importers and Exporters Need to Know

Evaluating Your Current Freight Solution

The Ocean Shipping Reform Act Impact on Costs

What is a Container Freight Station and How Can it Help Importers?

6 Essential Freight Documents and How to File Them

Importing into the U.S.: Documents You’ll Need

Air, Sea, Truck, or Rail: What’s the Best Shipping Mode in 2022?

How a Train Derailment Can Impact Your Shipment

Rail Transport vs. Truck Transport: Pros and Cons

Customs Compliance: An Overview of Partner Government Agencies (PGAs)

What Information is Important to Receive an Accurate Freight Shipping Quote?

FCA Incoterms and Who Should Pay for the Freight

7 Ways to Prepare Shipping Freight from China in 2022

How to Read a Freight Shipping Quote and Tips for Catching Errors

How to Know if Your Company Needs Cargo Insurance

NAFTA vs. USMCA: What’s the Difference?

5 Ways to Plan for Freight Shipping Delays

7 Steps to Building a Successful Supply Chain

International Freight Forwarding: Amazon Shipping Requirements

Benefits of Using a Freight Forwarder

How 3PL Providers Can Help Small Businesses

Freight Forwarding News: Are Supply Chain Disruptions to Blame for US Inflation?

Transshipment: What It Is and Why It’s Beneficial For Importers

4 Ways to Reduce Supply Chain Costs

International Shipping Contracts for 2021 & 2022

What Are The Shipper’s Responsibilities When Hiring a Freight Forwarder?

The Dangers of Shipping Without a Freight Forwarder

How to Understand Your Freight Forwarding Quote

How to Measure & Monitor Your Supplier’s Performance

Will Detention and Demurrage Struggles Continue in 2021?

Will IMO 2020 Rear Its Head Again?

When to Choose 3PL vs. Direct Carrier Contracts

Incoterms® Every Shipper Must Know

What to Expect in 2021, and What Will the Chinese New Year Bring?

Freight 2020: The Year in Review

Impacts of TFTEA & USMCA on Duty Free Entry of Goods Returning to the U.S.

What is an International Freight Forwarder?

DAP: Freight Terms Importers Should Know

Improve Your Supply Chain Strategy with Warehousing

Ocean Freight Market Summer Update

How to Manage Your Supply Chain from Home

5 Specific Things to Look for in a 3PL Provider

What is the Difference Between Cargo and Freight?

How COVID-19 is Impacting International Freight Forwarding: Q2 Update

The Shifting Global Logistics Footprint from COVID-19

How Coronavirus Impacts Global Shipping and Trade

“What’s My Compliance Score?” Why We Are Asking The Wrong Question

How to Negotiate Ocean Freight Rates: 3 Considerations for 2020

Supply Chain Management: Breaking Down the Process to Avoid the Pitfalls

Beyond the Dollar: How to Compare Customs Brokers

Why Trade Compliance Should be a Priority for Your Company

3 Pillars of Import Compliance Risk Management

How to Implement an FSVP Plan in 7 Steps

Demurrage and Detention: What’s the difference?

Incoterms 2020: Preparing for Proposed Changes

Understanding Incoterms and How to Alleviate Shipping Risks

Binding Ruling Requests & How They Benefit Importers

Transshipment Problems & Best Practices for Importers

Top 5 Mistakes that Result in a CF28 or CF29

The Benefits of Importing Goods to the U.S. Through Canada

Pros and Cons of Shipping on Pallets

Q&A: Deringer's President & CEO, Jake Holzscheiter, on the front lines of trade tensions - VTDigger Article

How to Evaluate A Customs Broker

100 Years of Success: The History of A.N. Deringer

How to Improve Profit Utilizing Every Shipping Container

Misconceptions of Shipping LCL vs. Air Freight

How to Understand Ocean Freight Destination Charges

Why Transshipment May Increase in 2020

Five Tactics to Save Money on Cargo Transportation

IMO 2020: What Shippers Must Know

Advance Your Trade Compliance: CTPAT Trade Compliance Program

Questions to Ask a Certified Freight Forwarder

How to Determine if Intermodal Transportation is the Right Option for Your Freight

Tech Tools That Help Meat Importers Stay Compliant and Avoid Fines

Essential Freight Forwarding Services for 2019

How Meat Importers Can Avoid Costly Penalties

Analyze the Opportunities and Obstacles of Air Freight

How to Switch Freight Forwarding Companies

Freight Agents Vs. NVOCC Shipping Companies

How to Optimize Your Ocean Freight in 2019

Planning an SOP for Freight Forwarding

How Understanding Shipping Quotes Helps Mitigate Errors

How To Plan For Freight Shipping Delays

Benefits of Using a 3PL Warehouse

How to Plan Your Freight Forwarding in 2019

Revisions are Coming: CTPAT (MSC) UPDATES

Advantages of a Combined Customs Broker and Freight Forwarder

The Past, the Present & the Future of Tariffs

Does Your Company Need Cargo Insurance?

How Much Should Your Freight Cost?

Shipment and Container Tracking Capabilities For Freight Forwarding

Beat-the-Clock: Top 3 Strategies for Navigating Pre-Tariff Congestion

Strategies for Avoiding Demurrage Fees

De Minimis and Valuation: Known Trade Compliance Risk Areas

Freight Forwarding Services: Speed vs. Cost

Questions to Ask Regarding First Sale & Multi-tiered Transactions

How to Hire a Global Freight Forwarder

How to Further Reduce International Trade Risks

What to Know About an Importer Security Filing

Compliance: Demonstrate Reasonable Care and Be Better Prepared

What Are Incoterms and Why Are They Important?

How to Compare Freight Shipping Companies

Is Your Freight Forwarder Quoting the Job Accurately?

5 Things to Know Before Hiring a Freight Forwarder

How to Spot Errors on Your Freight Bill

6 Steps to Reduce and Consolidate Your List of Approved Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders

Maximize Your Free Time at Port and Avoid Detention and Demurrage

It Started Out Like Any Other Import, but the Country of Origin was Forgotten

When the HTS System Sends You Running for Cover

Your Guide to Inbound Routing Guides

Importing Restricted Products, Mission Impossible? Maybe Not.

Found US Import Entry Errors? Submit a Prior Disclosure.

Protect Your Brand from Intellectual Property Infringement

Considering Tariff Engineering? Read this first.

Strategic Product Sourcing: How to Find the Right Partner

Duty Drawback: Are You Eligible for a Rebate?

Compliance, Colleagues, and Communication

Trade Wars & Proclamations: What It Means to the Average Importer

Three Tactics to Monitor Your Supply Chain Health

Compliance: If you've got it, flaunt it!

FTZs, and ASFs, and Benefits: Oh My!

The Five W's of BKIP

CX & eCommerce: Changing EVERYTHING You Ever Knew About Supply Chain

What has Changed Since FSVP Implementation?

CTPAT Conference 2017: Building on the Past - Innovating for the Future

EAPA Sets the Stage for Antidumping and Countervailing Evasion

Three Methods to Achieve Cost Savings for LCL vs. FCL Shipping

3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Air Freight vs. Ocean Freight

The Insider's Guide to Total Cost of Ownership

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